Research and development

In the R&D field, Battery Gurus continuously works on new technological improvements and procedures.

Battery Gurus has entered into the R&D partnership and alliances to boost progress in several of its innovative projects:

  • Development of a brand new device, which automates charging, discharging and cycling of accumulators. This device will be managed remotely via the internet and smartphones. Such a device will be one of a kind in the global market.
  • Development of a brand new device, which monitors and records status of a battery, collects and evaluates advance data about a battery.
  • Development of an alternative agent of PowerBatt intended for several other types of batteries.

Such a significant extension of products in the Company´s portfolio combined with all related business, service and support services is the most important to achieve the Company´s target to be the leading player on the global battery management market.


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